Partial list of characters in A Wounded Snake.  Characters existing in history are marked with asterisk.

Beatty, Miz: older lady who joins demonstration at Cadentown
*Benjamin, Robert O’Hara. Journalist, lawyer, politician, writer, poet, preacher, civil rights advocate
*Benjamin, Lulu Maria.  Wife of R.O. Benjamin.
Bisau, Emma. Black club lady and activist.
*Breckenridge, Desha.  Editor of the Lexington Morning Herald.
*Breckenridge, Madeline McDowell. Prominent Bluegrass aristocrat and suffragette.
*Breckenridge, Sophonisba. Pioneer social worker.
*Broadus, George. “Mayor” of Yellmantown.
Bryant, Joseph.  Teacher who replaces Noah in Briar Hill.
*Bullock, Frank. Judge in Fayette County.
*Bullock, Grace. Wife of Frank.
*Bullock, Major. Father of Frank Bullock. a Morgan Raider.
Buford, Eddie. 16 year-old black jockey, rider of Bluegrass Funeral.
Chiles, Mrs.  Mother of Willy and activist in Cadentown.
Chiles, Willy.  12-year old  student at Briar Hill. “Ain’t he a woman?”
*Doyle,  John. Election Challenger, brother of Luke.
*Doyle, Luke. Patrolman. Found gun on Benjamin.
*Graves,  Professor.  Teacher sent by Democratic machine to teach in Cadentown.
*Klair, Billie. State legislator and political boss of Fayette County for decades.
Jones, W.C. Reverend.  Pastor of AME and head of Quin Chapel School.
*Littlefield, William. Black Mississippian who shot the sheriff and the deputies sent to dispossess him from his family farm. Fate unknown.
*Lockett, Will.  Black WWI veteran, convicted of murder. Hanged.
Mamma, Fanny Webster, mother of Noah, husband of Joshua.
*Moynahan, Mike. Acquitted killer of Robert O’Hara Benjamin.
Price, Lizzie. Teacher, activist, friend of Noah, twin sister of Suzie.
*Russell, Green Pinckeny.  Supervisor of Negro Schools in Lexington, 1890’s.  
Sheila. Maid to Benjamin’s.
Webster, Noah.  Benjamin’s assistant. Bartender,  bookie, teacher, lawyer.
Winslow, Jake. Jake the bartender.